Winter in Tokyo


“Why be afraid of the dark when a lot of wonderful things that can only be seen when the dark?”

Keiko Ishida (Tatsuya neighbor-Autumn in Paris) found a new neighbor, Kazuto Nishimura, a photographer who recently moved from New York. Kazuto left New York to forget the girl he loved his own who is married to his best friend. Their rooms are next to each other that makes them closer, Keiko Through the chatty, Kazuto began to learn to start a new life in Japan, make friends with their neighbors in the apartment, also know more about Keiko. When Kazuto who know that Keiko finally met his first love which he has always longed slowly began to feel he can not lose Keiko. They spent a wonderful Christmas Eve together, and when delivering Keiko at the train station, Kazuto express his feelings.

But a tragedy make Kazuto lose his memory and make Keiko distraught to find him gone. They met again at a party, with Kazuto conditions are not given the whole scene over the last month, around the time of being with Keiko. Now the situation is not the same anymore, Keiko was close to the man who thought his first love, Akira Kitano, a doctor who was a friend Kazuto smp. While Yuri Iwamoto, Kazuto love left in New York came after Kazuto to ask for it back with him to New York.

On the other hand, Keiko is also more comfortable when walking by Kazuto compared with Akira. Though his first love Akira.

When walking with Keiko, Kazuto returned thugs intercepted. Kazuto Keiko did her best to protect the body and head as a result hit repeatedly punches and kicks to the child’s human This time the faint beating thugs managed to restore Kazuto memory.

On Valentine’s Day, Kazuto organized a photo exhibition and the sessions interviews with journalists, Kazuto revealed that the beautiful photographs on display inspired by a woman. A woman who only see it, Kazuto able and brave to face all danger. And Kazuto just wish she could see the presence. And finally Kazuto tells the truth, that he was keiko first love not akira. keiko was shocked when she heard it but still believe it. And they were going out

                                Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean that I don’t understand                                                                                                                                               – Homer J. Simpson


Summer in Seoul


Soon-Hee Han, call Sandy has many years of living in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. One night, walking home from work, he stopped at a store and buy food. When paying at the cashier, he lost his wallet and pulled out the entire contents of her purse. He met with a busy guy at the counter and exchanged cell phone as he left the store with him. Sandy contacted that person and take the phone to his home. It turns out that the phone belongs to Jung Tae Woo, a famous singer in Korea. But Sandy is not the fans. Park Hyun Shik, friend and manager Sandy Jung Tae Woo asked to pretend to be girlfriend Jung Tae Woo to eliminate the gay rumors that hit Tae Woo. Jung Tae-Woo, Seoul famous young singer who came back after four years of avoiding the showbiz world.
“I just wanted to ask you to take pictures with me as my boyfriend,” said Jung Tae Woo the girl in front of him.

Sandy aka Soon-Hee Han, Indonesia-Korea mulatto girl who already recognize Jung Tae Woo early on, but not in the least impressed.

Sandy looked up and stared at him, then said, “Well, as long as my face is not visible.”

Tae-Woo Jung initially suspicious of why Sandy did not immediately accept his offer. While Sandy can only hope he will not regret involved with Jung Tae-Woo. Summer days as a “lover” Jung Tae-Woo begins. Sense that there is any change.
Sandy had to keep the issue of Tae Woo of his friend, Kang Young-Mi is a fan of Tae Woo Jung, from his ex-girlfriend, Su Jeong Lee, and even from his parents. The days were passed Sandy and Tae Woo to take pictures together to fool reporters. Tae Woo began to ease with the presence of Sandy. So did Sandy start after the familiar figure fascinated Jung Tae Woo.

Jung Tae Woo began jealous as Lee Jeong Su continued to call Sandy. Tae Woo does not even begin to like it when Sandy received an invitation to Lee Jeong su just to eat, or meet in a cafe. At a press conference, Tae Woo gives plaid scarf black and white to Sandy despite having to cheat the fans. Although YoungMi, suspicious of his friend Sandy, where Jung Tae Woo knew the name of Sandy.

Home Tae Woo, as Jung Tae Woo played the piano for Sandy, Lee Jeong Su called Sandy, but Sandy did not activate the phone. Tae Woo annoyed because he left his cell phone on the piano and went to her room. Mothers in the United States Tae Woo Tae Woo called, but Sandy picked it up and she knew Sandy Tae Woo Tae Woo as a real boyfriend and wanted to meet him.
Tae Woo Her mother is a beautiful writer and plan to eat with Sandy. In an interview, Ms. Tae Woo Sandy let slip that the ID should not be publicly known. Sandy finally exposed to the public identity. After meeting and getting to know Sandy, mother figure Sandy loves Tae Woo.
Increasingly complex problems when the apartment on fire and forced Sandy Sandy stay with Tae Woo. Sandy is somewhat awkward to live in the house of a Jung Tae Woo.
Tae Woo is starting to like Sandy Sandy invited to a fancy restaurant and accidentally met su Jeong Lee, a former girlfriend Sandy who was out with Jin Da Rae, Su Jeong girlfriend. Lee Jeong Jin Da Rae su and Tae Woo surprised by bringing flowers to Sandy and gossip circulating in the magazine it is true that Sandy dating Tae Woo.
Not only eat together in restaurants, Tae Woo also gave a surprise to Sandy with a fireworks show, and finally in his home, he played piano for Sandy’s birthday. Sandy Jung Tae Woo more love.
However, Sandy began to realize that he must stay away from Jung Tae Woo for the past 4 years ago. Sandy Jung Tae Woo was not guilty of the death of Lisa, sister Sandy. Unfortunately the story was first known to the reporter and printed in the magazine. Jung Tae Woo finally learned that the deceased at the time of his press conference four years ago is the older brother Sandy. Jung Tae Woo felt guilty and apologized to Sandy. He felt that to stay with Sandy, he will bring a dark past Sandy. He began to stay away from Sandy. But still miss Sandy Jung Tae Woo.
Because I know that Sandy Sandy Jung Tae Woo in touch with, he asked that Sandy return to Indonesia. Because He wanted to calm down, he agreed to a vacation about 2 weeks in Indonesia. While Jung Tae Woo left for the United States for a concert.

When returned to Korea, Tae Woo Young Mi hear from that Sandy had an accident while going straight to the airport in Jakarta. Jung Tae Woo of anxiety and panic immediately went to Jakarta. Sandy was still unconscious and his body full of wounds. But Jung Tae Woo stay with her in the hospital.
Jung Tae Woo and whisper words of love in Sandy ….
Saranghae …
Sandy finally awake and become a real lover of famous singers in Korea, Jung Tae Woo.

Pure love is a willingness to give without a                                                                                           thought of receiving anything in return.

– Peace Pilgrim



“If I say, what reaction would you give?
Are you going to accept the confession?
Are you going to believe me?
Are you still going to look at me like this?
Smiled at me like this?
Or are you actually going away from me?
Leave me?
But I know I have to tell you. I can not possibly keep it forever. Somehow later after hearing your reaction, I just hope one thing.
Do not go away.
Stay by my side.
Because it … would you mind waiting? “

As its title suggests, this novel setting is the city of London. But character is not English you know. The heroine is Naomi Ishida, mulatto girl Japan – Indonesia who became a model in London. Naomi Ishida is the twin sister of Keiko Ishida (Winter in Tokyo). While the male character is Danny Jo, Korean guy friend Jung Tae Woo (Summer in Seoul), who worked as a model as well as music video director. Naomi and Danny Jo meeting was in London when they became the model for the music video new song Jung Tae Woo.

Shooting the music video was just 3 days, but their friendship continued. Naomi initially been cool, miserius and difficult to approach. Naomi afraid to make friends with Danny Naomi Jo because it had a bitter experience with men. But kindness, patience, attention, and Danny Jo warmth can melt up without feeling Naomi Naomi realized she needed Danny Jo’s presence in every day. Naomi Jo fell in love with Danny.

When love begins to grow, which revealed an incident during which Naomi was kept secret by making them both forced to end their love story. But when their problem resolved, they were dating and be a happy couple.


” And even though I can’t trust you, I love you                                                That’s love. When you love someone even though                                                             you don’t trust them ”                                                                       



Spring in London

Autumn in Paris



today i want to tell you all about novel autumn in paris                                                                                    autumn in paris is novel that made by ilana tan                                                                                        don’t cry when you read this story.  okaii

this story is start from a girl nama tara dupont, she’s very like autumn and paris. she think that she already has everything until she met tatsuya fujisawa. he is very unpredictable and mysterious. tatsuya very hate paris and autumn. he went to paris to met someone that destroy his live, but he didn’t expect that he would fell in love with tara dupont.

tatsuya met tara because sebastian(friend of tara) introduce tara to tatsuya,  actually tara already met tatsuya more than 1 times but tara forget about it. after that meeting  tara always met tatsuya because tatsuya ask her to accompanied him to see the good place at paris. all things seem good and tatsuya already went to see that person(that make him hate paris and autumn), actually that person is his father that left him with his mother but now his mother already passed away and her mother asked him to see his father and his father already accept him to be his child. until tara birthday, that day make tatsuya loss half of his soul. at that day tatsuya know that tara father is his father that mean he and tara  have family relationship. after know that secret tatsuya feel very hurt. he work very hard like a robot because he didn’t want to remember about that secret again.

all seem good to tara until she heard from the conversation between his father and his friend that tatsuya is his son. tara seem very despair. tara go to see tatsuya and tatsuya tell everything about that secret to her and tell her that he want to move to japan. after hear that tara feel very sad.

a few month later…

a telphone ringg, and tell that tatsuya had a accident. after heard that tara and her father go to japan. when ther arrived at japan, keiko(tatsuya friend) asked her to go to tatsuya apartment. when tara went to tatsuya apartment she seem that she know tatsuya life at japan. tara also saw all of her photo with tatsuya he seem very happy. after she finished see tatsuya apartment, she went to hospital and see tatsuya the last time.

after she saw tatsuya, she heard a loud sound and that mean tatsuya is already passed away and can’t helped again by the doctor, tara felt very sad. but she already promised that she will be a strong girl and live as usual as she can.


I think my story not too good to read but it’s better for you all to read is from the books. the story is very good and very sad. it’s a sad ending story.

okaii i think that for todayy. byeee…

                                                                                         Ever has it been that love knows not its own   depth until the hour of separation.  Kahlil Gibran

I Love Books


hyy guyss

today i wil tell you all about books

as you all know, there are many kind of book. but today i will tell you about my favorite novel

1. Autumn in Paris

2.  Spring in London

3. Summer in Seoul

4. Winter in Tokyo

5.  Sleeping Ugly

6.  Sunshine Become You

7. keegan’s Love Pendant

8. Touche

9. Kupukupu Salju (Butterfly Snow)

10. Obsesi(Obsession)

11. Pengurus Mos Harus Mati (Mos administrators must die)

That’s the that I like to read very much

Tomorrow I will tell you about each novel each day

okai, I think I must go now

byee all, see you tomorrow

Do not judge a book by its movie

J. W. Eagan

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