“Apart from the odd ability to feel what others feel by touch, Riska has a normal life like a normal high school student. But it all changed since the arrival of Mr. Yunus, a substitute teacher, and her acquaintance with the cold Indra and Dani  the class champion.
Riska then told that she is tauche aka people who have the ability through touch, like Indra, Dani and Mr. Yunus himself. as if it is not surprising, Mr. Yunus was kidnapped! a supposedly ancient poetry is the key to finding the existence of Mr. Yunus.
With all their abilities, Riska, Dani, and Indra was trying to crack the code in the ancient poetry and save their teacher. ”
This is an old poem which has always abandoned as a guide by the kidnappers of Touche.
“You only have to look behind you, who’s Underlined at you.”

” Nothing is more fun than against yourself ”                                                                                                                                    – The Empath –

” The safest place is the most dangerous places. Smart criminals would apply the principle of washing the face with rocks and sleep repose water flow ”                                                                                                                                  – The Empath –


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