Keegan’s Love Pendant

After falling from the roof of the house, Andora split with his cousin, Keegan. Separation over the past ten years makes them awkward to meet again. In the eyes of Keegan, Andorra has been transformed into a handsome young man. However, Keegan was unable to answer when Andora stated in love with her.

Andora also chose Gladys, Keegan friend, as an escape. The situation became chaotic when Gladys, who has been a lover Andora, Keegan spotted cuddling with Andorra. Quarrel ensued, until one day Gladys kidnapped!

Meanwhile, Keegan hesitate to return the necklace that Andora’s bobble pigeons for ten years kept secret. For her, it meant giving up the necklace off Andora also.

Now, Andora faced with two choices:  Keegan, a beautiful and wealthy cousin, or Gladys, daughter of a prostitute whose life is suffering ….

” Do not waste the people who love you. If you love him, give it love it as much as possible, as much as you    can give. No matter how much love you give, inventory your love will not last forever “

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