Alex Hirano initially found nothing special in his life, activity only spins of music and piano. But that all changed since he met a girl who is said Ray Hirano ( his brother) , a girl he liked. Mia Clark, from the first meeting, Alex had felt she was a disaster for him, like the angel of darkness that could hurt him at any time. What is said Alex was not without reason, Mia Clark has made his left hand into their first meeting, by dropping out of the ladder and hit Alex.

Whether fate as what binds between Alex and Mia, who would from then Alex did not like Mia, he always felt she could hurt him at any time, he does not care about his brother had a special feeling for what kind of girl. clear to him being away from the girl who makes a mess with all of his concert plans injuring his hand, is the best choice.

Unfortunately Alex hopes to stay away from Mia later he calls ‘the Angel of Darkness’ is not running as expected. Mia is feeling very guilty because they injure the precious hands of a renowned pianist, continues to offer his help to Alex, “I could be your left hand.” It is said the girl. Alex clearly rejected her proposal, she felt it would be better not to hook up with girls that he thought would be capable of much more menciderainya. But the idea did not last long, all the difficulties and hassles that come by Alex in the move with one hand, inevitably makes Alex is forced to accept the offer with Mia. And he began to put Mia as ‘helper and housekeeper’

Initially nothing is going well with Alex and Mia’s relationship at that time. Alex is still upset with Mia who had made him no different than people with disabilities. Mia who think Alex is too much with injuries in his hand, never to be friendly to one another. Until the end Alex finds interesting things about her, she even charmed when he saw her dancing in front, one thing that Alex had never planned to be felt.

Over time, Alex slowly starting to like Mia smile, slowly start to depend on Mia, slowly begin to feel the presence of Mia is very important for him, and he began to feel Mia is very special girl , and eventually he was able to compete with brother Ray to maintain the reach and Mia nearby.

But amid all the perceived sense of Alex, he always felt there was considerable doubt be feeling her Mia. She was always smiling, talking and stared in the same way to everyone, making Alex did not feel privileged from Mia. Apart from all the existing doubts, Alex finds another fact that destroys all the hopes, the painful facts of the conditions that Mia brings the possibility he will miss Mia forever.

“Although there is no other thing in this world can trust, trust that I love. All my heart. “                                     -Mia Clark-

Sunshine Becomes You


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