Sleeping Ugly


A girl named Aurora and her friend Wilda a foster brother in an orphanage. One night, Aurora foster children can not sleep and Whine They like to read a fairy tale entitled “The Slepping Beauty”. Actually, Aurora is pleased to be a fairy tale books like that, he better pick up a book of mathematics . But, since he read a fairy tale book, she actually hooked on the books of fairy tales, to her close friend Wilda felt weird.Aurora’s habit persists in his daily life until she married and blessed with a beautiful princess named Tiara and Duress. One day, Wilda friend WHO has always traveled abroad to visit Aurora. On the sidelines of Their warm conversations, Suddenly said Wilda

“Tiara DURess, SLEEP … Maybe someday your daughter will be punctured something and be a princess sleep?”

“Is it a curse? Because I was not invited on the show seven months?” Said Aurora.

They think this is just a joke. Tiara beautiful princess daughter grow into a smart and very fond of mathematics until his teacher did not Newbie have to painstakingly taught her. Now she was already 4 years old. In this moment, the mother Aurora Tiara accident and died. Tiara was devastated and she ran to the page back and she stuck a rose thorn. And she fell asleep.

From here, being a princess Tiara WHO likes to sleep. Spends her time sleeping. She also continued his school in Homeschooling. But, when she wanted to go he wanted to learn formal school at a school named “Chateau de la Ange”. There she made friends with a very understanding Rebelle named class president. Rebelle always Trying to Tiara when she fell asleep to wake up finding a cure for sleeping sickness Tiara. However, the result is always zero. One day, Tiara asleep again like zombies and accidentally clip .. a man dropped a kiss right on his lips, that once direct Awakened tiara. The man named Lie and turns out he is a lover Rebelle. After doing some Experiments for the treatment of Lie Tiara only one WHO can Awaken the Tiara. But, it all into their secrets. However, Because They uncovered a secret July and is known by Rebelle.

They are now hostile. There is a proposed requirement That They make up the Rebelle follow the Mathematical Olympiad team member selection if, They Lie and Tiara wins allowed to date and rebelle’s not angry anymore. Tiara Agreed. They now Compete with each other and They get an unexpected selection. On the bus to the game, it was an accident. And as usual falling asleep konisi tiara at a crucial moment in this like. Rebelle ask Lie to kiss Tiara Because It knows That the only kiss can wake Tiara That Lie, Clips .. one kiss to touch the lips Tiara and Tiara are Immediately Awakened. Immediately They ran out of the bus. Due to Their friends on a bus in July still Trying to save her Tiara.

Rebelle now truly understand and forgive them. Lie has Become the lover Rebelle back and tiara Became friends again. Lie in the game mothers come and meet with Tiara. And it turns out mom was Winda friend Lie mother Aurora Tiara. Senua Lie Tells about Tiara and her mother surprised her toys curse turned out to be true. Lie mother Immediately REVOKE the curse. In the figure when the game was pretty and the mother’s face shadowed by the light, yaaa it was Tiara’s mother saw her at the WHO game time. Tiara was pleased with happiness That she has received in recent days.


   ” Forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but it does enlarge the future


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