Winter in Tokyo


“Why be afraid of the dark when a lot of wonderful things that can only be seen when the dark?”

Keiko Ishida (Tatsuya neighbor-Autumn in Paris) found a new neighbor, Kazuto Nishimura, a photographer who recently moved from New York. Kazuto left New York to forget the girl he loved his own who is married to his best friend. Their rooms are next to each other that makes them closer, Keiko Through the chatty, Kazuto began to learn to start a new life in Japan, make friends with their neighbors in the apartment, also know more about Keiko. When Kazuto who know that Keiko finally met his first love which he has always longed slowly began to feel he can not lose Keiko. They spent a wonderful Christmas Eve together, and when delivering Keiko at the train station, Kazuto express his feelings.

But a tragedy make Kazuto lose his memory and make Keiko distraught to find him gone. They met again at a party, with Kazuto conditions are not given the whole scene over the last month, around the time of being with Keiko. Now the situation is not the same anymore, Keiko was close to the man who thought his first love, Akira Kitano, a doctor who was a friend Kazuto smp. While Yuri Iwamoto, Kazuto love left in New York came after Kazuto to ask for it back with him to New York.

On the other hand, Keiko is also more comfortable when walking by Kazuto compared with Akira. Though his first love Akira.

When walking with Keiko, Kazuto returned thugs intercepted. Kazuto Keiko did her best to protect the body and head as a result hit repeatedly punches and kicks to the child’s human This time the faint beating thugs managed to restore Kazuto memory.

On Valentine’s Day, Kazuto organized a photo exhibition and the sessions interviews with journalists, Kazuto revealed that the beautiful photographs on display inspired by a woman. A woman who only see it, Kazuto able and brave to face all danger. And Kazuto just wish she could see the presence. And finally Kazuto tells the truth, that he was keiko first love not akira. keiko was shocked when she heard it but still believe it. And they were going out

                                Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean that I don’t understand                                                                                                                                               – Homer J. Simpson


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