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“If I say, what reaction would you give?
Are you going to accept the confession?
Are you going to believe me?
Are you still going to look at me like this?
Smiled at me like this?
Or are you actually going away from me?
Leave me?
But I know I have to tell you. I can not possibly keep it forever. Somehow later after hearing your reaction, I just hope one thing.
Do not go away.
Stay by my side.
Because it … would you mind waiting? “

As its title suggests, this novel setting is the city of London. But character is not English you know. The heroine is Naomi Ishida, mulatto girl Japan – Indonesia who became a model in London. Naomi Ishida is the twin sister of Keiko Ishida (Winter in Tokyo). While the male character is Danny Jo, Korean guy friend Jung Tae Woo (Summer in Seoul), who worked as a model as well as music video director. Naomi and Danny Jo meeting was in London when they became the model for the music video new song Jung Tae Woo.

Shooting the music video was just 3 days, but their friendship continued. Naomi initially been cool, miserius and difficult to approach. Naomi afraid to make friends with Danny Naomi Jo because it had a bitter experience with men. But kindness, patience, attention, and Danny Jo warmth can melt up without feeling Naomi Naomi realized she needed Danny Jo’s presence in every day. Naomi Jo fell in love with Danny.

When love begins to grow, which revealed an incident during which Naomi was kept secret by making them both forced to end their love story. But when their problem resolved, they were dating and be a happy couple.


” And even though I can’t trust you, I love you                                                That’s love. When you love someone even though                                                             you don’t trust them ”                                                                       



Spring in London