Daily Archives: April 15, 2012

I Love Books


hyy guyss

today i wil tell you all about books

as you all know, there are many kind of book. but today i will tell you about my favorite novel

1. Autumn in Paris

2.  Spring in London

3. Summer in Seoul

4. Winter in Tokyo

5.  Sleeping Ugly

6.  Sunshine Become You

7. keegan’s Love Pendant

8. Touche

9. Kupukupu Salju (Butterfly Snow)

10. Obsesi(Obsession)

11. Pengurus Mos Harus Mati (Mos administrators must die)

That’s the that I like to read very much

Tomorrow I will tell you about each novel each day

okai, I think I must go now

byee all, see you tomorrow

Do not judge a book by its movie

J. W. Eagan